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    Quite a few, if not all, IT decisions are directly impacted by business stakeholders who demand that information technology investments return a stable contribution to competitive edge. At the same time, the rapidly changing competitive landscape requires agility, flexibility, and dynamic cost management.
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    The proven approach is to integrate multiple-supplier service delivery within the enterprise. I specialize in negotiating and operationalizing IT contracts and implementing multi-year sourcing strategies. I also design and implement governance and service delivery management processes.
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    Would it be worth a conversation or two to have a fresh pair of eyes examine and comment on what can be done to improve IT ROI? Are you interested in having greater flexibility in determining costs and applying resources to rapidly changing business requirements? Could your operation benefit from improved supplier performance? Reduced cycle time? Greater agility and responsiveness? Global supplier relationship management capabilities?
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You kneedn’t worry about whether it works…

The National Institutes of Health says total knee replacement has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1950’s. I expect so. They didn’t have CAD/CAM or selective laser sintering technology in the ’50s.

Artificial Knee Implant

I had my right knee replaced in May of this year, and so far, so good. More than good, actually. I can walk without pain, climb stairs, and lift weights without seeing stars.

And gee, they give you this little card that you can show to airport security when you set the metal detectors off.


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