I was born and raised in the Detroit area. My father and grandfather were employed in the automobile industry. Dad was an engineer and vice-president of a tier-1 supplier, and Granddad a tool-and-die maker on the afternoon shift at the Ford Rouge plant.

A true child of my generation, I headed for the hills rather than follow in the family’s footsteps. After finishing college, I dabbled in managing nonprofit organizations, took some information technology classes, and became convinced that there was a future in integrating computer technology with business strategy, something I am still working at more than 25 years later. In one of life’s many ironies I was hired by EDS, the information technology services giant, while living in Florida and moved to Detroit to work with General Motors. I’m still here.

By trade, I am an analyst and adviser focused on improving and communicating the business value of information technology service delivery and management.

I’ve researched, collected, written, and proven in practice a large amount of stuff related to that mission and to the consulting profession that might be useful to others. I’m hoping to publish a substantial portion of this material here. I encourage your dialog, debate, and contributions.

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