William Homan


William T. Homan provides advisory services to forward-looking businesses like Chrysler, General Motors, GMAC, Ford, and America Online.

His clients are the leadership of technology services firms or consultancies delivering strategic sourcing solutions, IT applications and infrastructure management, and information technology-related business development services to customers in the automotive, aerospace, media and manufacturing market spaces.  

Bill has been involved in planning and executing strategies impacting more than $10-billion in IT assets and operations, including the sale of a majority interest in one of the world’s largest financial services operations to a private capital firm, and the resulting de-coupling and outsourcing of IT applications and infrastructure from the parent corporation.

In his work with clients and his research, Bill deals with the challenges of integrating information technology with business strategy; defining and improving supply chain relationships through IT sourcing and contract management solutions, developing and implementing technology based growth strategies, and addressing acute business needs including M&A related consolidations, restructurings, and de-couplings.

Bill also writes on business transformation and consulting skills. He lives in Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

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