Grey’s Book Basement, Chapter 1: We are all in this together-Leadership and Teamwork

We are all in this together

Here is a group of 10 books of eclectic origin, all of which address the first of Mike’s Laws, “We are all in this together.” I commend them to your attention. Click on the titles for information on each book.

As Seen on Tv/an Inside Look at the Television Industry, How It Works and Who…
Cracking the Value Code: How Successful Businesses Are Creating Wealth in the…
Multinational Mission by Prahalad, C.K.
Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior – Anytime…
The 500 Year Delta: What Happens After What Comes Next by Taylor, Jim; Wacker
The Circle of Innovation: You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Greatness [Hardcover…
The Hollywood TV producer; his work and his audience [by] Muriel G. Cantor…
The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders at Every Level by…
The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization [Paperback] by…
The Undercover Economist: Exposing Why the Rich Are Rich, Why the Poor Are Poor

Simpler is Better: The Law of Parsimony…

…which is lex parsimoniae in Latin, is often written “entia non sunt multiplicanda prater necessitatem“, which I interpret to mean “the simpler the better.” William of Occam, the 14th Century English logician, capsulized the principal as Occam’s Razor–a means of cutting through verbose and unnecessarily complex philosophical theories:

Occam\'s Razor

The answer that relies on the fewest assumptions is usually the most accurate.

The Tao of Pizza Consumption, mathematics division…

  1. The time in minutes required to come to a decision on what toppings to order is equal to the square of the number of people trying to decide.
  2. The number of people who actually eat the pizza divided by the number who actually pay for the pizza, is always a number greater than one.
  3. The time required to deliver a pizza is inversely proportional to the distance from your location to the pizza joint.
  4. The likelihood of a delivery person finding your house is inversely proportional to the number of digits in your street address.
  5. In any event, pizza delivery time will always be faster than your city’s police response time.
  6. Your ability to taste a topping on a pizza is inversely proportional to the number of toppings on the pizza.
  7. As the number of toppings approaches infinity, the amount of cheese found on the pizza approaches zero.
  8. The amount of a particular topping is inversely proportional to the price of the pizza.
  9. The number of napkins available is inversely proportional to the number of pizza eaters in the room.
  10. The amount of sauce that gets on your shirt is inversely proportional to the cost of the shirt.

The Political Prime Directive

Cecil Rhodes had nothing to do with this

Cecil Rhodes, of Rhodes Scholarship fame,
who had noting to do with this.
Lord knows why it was deleted from Wikipedia.

Rhode’s Law

When any principle, law, tenet, probability, happening, circumstance, or result can in no way be directly, indirectly, empirically, or circuitously proven, derived, implied, inferred, induced, deducted, estimated, or scientifically guessed, it will always for the purpose of convenience, expediency, political advantage, material gain, or personal comfort, or any combination of the above, or none of the above, be unilaterally and unequivocally assumed, proclaimed, and adhered to as absolute truth to be undeniably, universally, immutably, and infinitely so, until such time as it becomes advantageous to assume otherwise, maybe.

You’ve got to love the English language.

eructationHere is a word I admire so much, I’ve named this blog in its honor. I am particularly fond of “an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus” as an apt descriptor for these posts.

eructation – a reflex that expels gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth

ejection, forcing out, expulsion, projection – the act of expelling or projecting or ejecting

Today is All Saints Day

My motto: Celebrate all holidays.


You kneedn’t worry about whether it works…

The National Institutes of Health says total knee replacement has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1950’s. I expect so. They didn’t have CAD/CAM or selective laser sintering technology in the ’50s.

Artificial Knee Implant

I had my right knee replaced in May of this year, and so far, so good. More than good, actually. I can walk without pain, climb stairs, and lift weights without seeing stars.

And gee, they give you this little card that you can show to airport security when you set the metal detectors off.